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Listed here are an affiliated group of creative types

Betsy is the premiere in-house artist at Gilbert Publishing. Her talents
seem to be endless. Once the creative spark is ignited she goes 100 %
until the project is completed.  

Betsy G

Artist / Writer

Graphic Art that is unique and will not disappoint. Audio Visual presentations are also available.

s vechal

Digital / Audio

Straight out of camera is my preference. This sunset acted like a shimmering reflection off of water. 



An artist after my own heart, this person is short on words but long on talent.

a j

Artist Emeritus

A blend of science and fiction designed to help you ponder the world around us.                                  

vechal b

many hats

                                                               Kit Bash creations are a specialty of this artist. Si Fi diorama props are interesting.  

s v


Behance hosts Gilbert Galleries where artists share their work.
Digital files are sold on Payhip   Printed items are at Fine Art America
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