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GAB offers original paintings, drawings, sculpting, eBooks, writing and music. Galleries include BetsyGVechal CreationssmokeRISER and Gilbert Music.



Gilbert Art Blog is sponsored by Gilbert Publishing to highlight Fine Art in many of its forms.  Bringing in new artists to our group is a primary goal. We all benefit from increased traffic to our sites.  

Put your art on the internet

Submit an image of your work with a brief description. If accepted, we will request your link information to attach to the image. Patrons will be sent to the site of the artists choice for the purchase. Please review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy



New posts are published periodically. We encourage visitors to contemplate submitting a post. Contact us with a sample to be considered. 


A Sketchbook series by Betsy G that chronicles the development of a young artist. 
Check them out at no cost  



Scratch Built by vechal creations is a world unto itself.

Try an alternate reality at Kepler 90h where life is plausible. 

Concept Art

Images of digital, paintings and drawings can be purchased.

Digital Store


Find various creative writing pieces as well as poetry.
Post pages

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raw files

visit archive.org

Gilbert Music

See the variety of (A) Record on Soundcloud

Scenery Slider

Straight out of camera photos are presented here.


The core function of this group is to present and promote art. Few, if any, advertisements are used. We sell what we make and appreciate Donations.  


Versatile and inquisitive are good descriptors for this talented artist.   

Image Archive

The main repository of images can be found here. Many are not on our websites.

Gilbert Publishing

A wide range of art forms are presented in this Main Gallery.

Vechal Creations

SiFi Diorama supplies such as backdrops, stands, space junk and more can be found here.

Kepler 90 h presents an alternate world.  


A range of music styles are presented. Techno, Industrial, Electronic and good ol' Rock and Roll.

Gilbert Music

A place where artists can go to put their music online. We aim to host many styles of music.