Among the topics covered are the listing, selling and buying of art work. The gallery websites of  Gilbert Publishing greatly appreciate your support. Donate

How do I list my art work on your site?

Gilbert Publishing offers a listing service for artists at no cost. Please review the Terms and Conditions  page for more information. Just submit a request with an image and brief description. If accepted, the artist provides to us the link info for customers to follow.

Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy page before submitting. 

What are my costs and how do I get paid?

There are no listing fees or commissions on sales. The artist gets paid directly from the purchaser. The easiest solution is to follow our lead. Set up a Fine Art America  account for print items. For digital files set up Payhip . Just generate an item tag of specific value, we link it with your image and the click takes them to your secure account. We are an intermediary that greatly appreciates  Donations to cover costs.     

Is there a time limit on listing art pieces? How many can put up at a time?

After acceptance, the art work will be posted for 90 days. A determination of continuance will then be made. There is a limit of three works posted at one time. This gives the artist an opportunity to show a sampling of styles.

How secure is my art work on your site?

We suggest that the submitted image be watermarked by the artist. When the artist withdraws the image it is removed from the system. Review the Terms and Conditions page.

What information do I give about my self?

There is an  Artist List page where participating artists are listed. A snippet can be submitted with a contact link of the artists choice. It is our intent to carry as little private information as possible. 

Does Gilbert Publishing host galleries for artists?

Yes, upon request we can sponsor a gallery on our servers. There are set up and maintenance fees involved.  Contact our representative for details.

Can an artist request to be featured in the Gilbert Galleries ?

Sure can, just submit a  Request. We encourage participation because everyone benefits from increasing the traffic to our websites.

Do you have advertiements?

We try to stay clear of some of the distractions that advertisements create. The amount of revenue generated from them  doesn't warrant their inclusion. 

What photo printing company do you use?

We use Fine Art America as our print on demand supplier. One of our favorites is  iprintfromhome.com which is a family owned business in NY.

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