Help Desk

Consider these useful tools and strategies to advance yourself in the field you are in.

Marketing Tips

Improve your SEO (search engine optimization)with the use of keywords and descriptive phases. Snippets are generated by search engines based upon information provided there.

Try to use all of the available tools such as permalink and tags. A good SEO is an important aspect to add when setting up an item.


We suggest that Fine Art America and Payhip are great for art work. KDP Amazon is good for writers and picture book authors. In part, use their forums and platforms to drive business to your work. Listing with them is a loss leader that can be used to increase your exposure. Industry transaction fees are generally at the rates of .30 per transaction +2.9%.

Local Galleries

Use your internet presence to showcase your talent to local galleries. They can review the art work quickly and easily. It is the most straightforward way to advance your presence where you live.